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Sooo, my friend Sara called me from #newyork.

Sooo, my friend Sara called me from #newyork a few days ago. We talked about the good ol days, acting school in the big city. She asked me if i miss it there. I said #no. There’s this unspoken rule in NYC that when you have a baby, your become dead to the rest of New York. No more late dinners, no more nightime strolls with friends after the bar. No more street food at sunrise. Friends stop calling and they dont even know why. Women in New York are afraid to die. I was too. Lucky for me, my pregnancy/death came unplanned. So i didnt suffer like the rest of them. Searching for the perfect moment in between career and success. Being a woman anywhere is hard. Being a mother in New York is #missionimpossible . Unless we women are willing to die to the old life, we can never birth a new one. Juuuust a little nonsense for your #friday . #blackfriday? I dont even know, living in #poland too long. Filmik o tym jak znalazłam moje powołanie, o kobiecość, o trudności jako kobieta na youtube, link w description. #krągkobiet #powołania #turnus #kobiecość